Text 11 Apr generic principle of diversity.

Just as conservationists value the diversity of species and the evolutionary processes that shape that diversity, we can remain open to a diversity of ideas and approaches, similarly encouraging their evolution over time.

-  Michelle Marvier in “New Conservation Is True Conservation”

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Text 20 Mar 2 notes Jawa Terpelajar

Kalau pada suatu kali bertemu dengan seorang Jawa yang terpelajar, cobalah ajak dia bicara tentang keris, wayang, puji-pujilah ketinggian gamelan dan tarinya, kata Tuan L. Selanjutnya, pujilah ketinggian filsafatnya, kebatinannya. Kalau dia menjadi antusias dan membenarkan puji-pujian Tuan, dia tidak akan mencapai sesuatu apa pun dengan keterpelajarannya.

- Pramoedya Ananta Toer

Text 20 Mar The Hidden Luxury for Poor People

 In the economist’s language, poor people are said to discount the future highly. Their focus is on what they can secure this year, next year, and a few years hence. Looking far into the future is a luxury that the poor cannot often afford.

- David Pearce and Susana Mourato

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it feels so right.

Quote 26 Feb
I’m a night person. daylight rather cramps my style, and besides, fire needs a night sky to show to best advantage.
— Joanne Harris - Midnight in Manhattan
Quote 1 Feb
The Happiness Advantage
  • Better secure jobs
  • Better keeping jobs
  • Superior productivity
  • More resilient
  • Less burnout
  • Less turnover
  • Greater sales

       - Lyubormirsky, 2005

Quote 30 Jan
…the study of biodiversity is still largely in a Linnaean phase of discovering and naming species. Although
our tools are more advanced, in many ways the science of biodiversity is not much farther along than
medicine was in the Middle Ages. We are still at the stage, as it were, of cutting open bodies to find out what
organs are inside. The low investment in and slow pace of biodiversity research might be tolerable were it
not for the overwhelmingly rapid dest
ruction of the natural world. Without hyperbole we can truthfully say
that we are almost out of time to save much of the diversity of life on Earth
— Hubbell, 2001
Quote 23 Jan
Ketika kamu merasa lancar menulis paper pada bagian pendahuluan, metodologi, dan analisis data, namun menemukan kesulitan saat menulis pembahasan, masalahnya cuma satu: kurang membaca.
— my super-supervisor
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